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Marta Lowndes


Marta Lowndes & her daughter Catarina

Marta Lowndes

18 years ago I came back to Portugal and fell hopelessly in love with antique Portuguese jewelry. Jewelry has been a passion all my life. A love I learned with my Mother. When I was a child we shared special moments sitting in her bed and looking at my little jewelry box. She told me the story of each piece, whether it was a present and from whom. Such precocious moments I recollect and cherish till this day. Moments I passed on to my two beautiful daughters. 

Catarina, the oldest is here with me in this picture. She has been such a great help! She modeled, very patiently, all the pieces for the wear shots. Thanks baby! It really helps everyone to understand how it looks dressed.

My younger daughter, Francisca, soon to start a design degree with an illustration specialization, is also a great support. She continuously helps with the jewelry design and  gives me great feedback. My latest collection LISBON, a clean urban look, is much inspired by her taste.

My partner "in crime"  is Cristina Simonetta. It is the third time we work together and we are life long friends. She is energetic and lot's of fun, a helpless optimistic, Cristina maintains our dream alive! We share the same taste and style, such a plus in a partnership.

I am also lucky to count with the help of Carolina Prata and Andrea Varela Afonso to design the online store and keep up with the requests from you! Carolina with a major in Arts, designs our pages for special collections like EVER AFTER, plus she is responsible for all of pour PR and newsletter.  Andrea with experience in photography and I, maintains the product area and customer support alive and well. 

It is thanks to all these wonderful women that Braganzia is alive and kicking!

Braganzia is definitely a feminine conversation. Designed by women for women,  with the help and support of a great feminine team.

So thank you for your love! We much appreciate it!


Marta Lowndes

Because I love jewelry I have always purchased pieces. I started buying when I got my first job at Timex Portugal as a Marketing Manager. I would set aside part of my salary to buy a special piece. In time I have developed a nice collection. However, I found myself very frustrated. Many pieces were static and difficult to dress. Meanwhile I kept adoring these fabulous antique parures, a clever jewelry  set designed to give the most flexibility of wear.

Wikipedia explains:" A parure [1] is a set of various items of matching jewelry, which rose to popularity in 17th-century Europe.

Beyond various items of matching jewelry, a parure is an entire wardrobe, or suite, of matching jewelry. Reserved for royalty and the wealthier classes, no woman was considered socially acceptable without a complete wardrobe of jewelry that defined her status, strength and political power. A matching suite of coordinating pieces could include a necklace, a comb, a tiara, a diadem, a bandeau, a pair of bracelets, pins, rings, drop earrings or cluster stud earrings, brooch and a belt clasp that might be worn over a fine dress. 

Cleverly, the parure was not static but modular and could be remade into more fashionable jewelry in order to stay au courant in the court and fashion-forward for the times. Members of court and higher social ranks vied for the best jewelers to create the most imaginative and elaborate collections that would astound one another and increase their status. Some necklaces could be worn intact or temporarily disassembled into bracelets, pendants, hair ornaments or brooches with smart interchangeable components and locking systems. From Old French, parure means adornment, from the verb parer, to adorn."

Do you remember that gorgeous dress you just bought and had no beautiful earrings to go with? Or the time you could not find a distinctive, yet chic, pair for the happy hour at the office? Or when you had the earrings but not the necklace to go with? I could go on and on about the number of times I needed a jewelry piece and the color, the shape, the length or simple the style was off.

I designed Braganzia for you to build your jewelry box and invest in new pieces that suit you and make sense! It is all about mixing and matching to fit your jewelry needs in a timeless, elegant yet modern way!

I hope you enjoy and make the most out of your Braganzia jewelry!


About Marta Lowndes

About Marta Lowndes

Marta is a Plastic Artist with a degree in Architecture from Santa Ursula University, Brazil, and a MBA from the Carlton School of Management in USA.  Born in Brazil, educated in Porto, Portugal, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and and in the U.S.A., Marta has develop a unique perspective about art and business. "Art is the core of my thinking process and permeates everything I do, whether it is in writing, painting, designing, or managing, creativity is the heart. I always found a way to integrate Art and creativity into my business life. As the President of Timex Portugal, I was lucky to learn about all the aspects of product management and the importance of customer service. Thanks to my board position in the Methodus Group, a company specialised in IT consulting, I was able to embrace the advantages of technology. However my love for product Marketing rather then services, ultimately turned Braganzia’s idea into reality. They are my mini sculptures!”, Marta emphasises with passion.

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Cristina Simonetta


Cristina Simonetta in Braganzia Atelier 

Cristina Simonetta

"I embraced this project with natural enthusiasm!

What I love about Braganzia is the concept of timeless style, versatility and the chance to adapt pieces to different occasions, to match them with different looks. I love to customize my clothes as well as accessorize. With Braganzia I can play as much as I want, that’s why I’m so in love with it. “, shares Cristina Simonetta.

About Cristina Simonetta

About Cristina Simonetta

Cristina has a degree in Marketing Management and a natural skill for public relations and communication. Passionate for fashion and design Cristina has an acute sense for trends. Fond of vintage and exclusive looks she never loses the chance to restyle her pieces for an unique look.

The Team

Marta and Cristina worked together in other companies and maintained a strong friendship. In 2012, they decided to team up and create Braganzia. They share the love for style and the obsession for “bon genre”- that is the makeup of Braganzia DNA.
“We believe in timeless style tailored to fashion. We love the flair of Europe, the birthplace to so many fantastic, unforgettable jewelry brands. Braganzia designs are also inspired in the extraordinary Portuguese jewelry art."
Braganzia is saturated with heritage and fashion. Braganzia has unique design features such as interchangeability, making its pieces super versatile.
Now you can play with Braganzia pieces to express your look and keep them forever in your jewelry box building your own collection.Braganzia transports us to great childhood memories: either playing with Legos, dressing up Barbies, collecting stamps or book scrapping, we all learned to build, collect and recreate. It was loads of fun! That’s what we build Braganzia: for pure joy!
Made in Lisbon with Passion! 

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